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Wellness Retreat - 100% vegan
Talking to Angels  Event
greek catering2.JPG
greek catering.JPG
Realtor catering.jpeg
Mother's Day Brunch
breakfast tarts.jpg
yogurt bar.jpg
breakfast salad.jpg
cheddar chive biscuits.jpg
Natures Market party.jpeg
white bean cakes2.jpg
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mediterranean noodles2.jpg
asian noodles.jpg
wellness retreat 10.jpg
wellness retreat 2.jpg
breakfast 2.jpg
caprese pizza.jpg
xmas party 4.jpg
xmas party.jpg
fruit & cheese platter2.jpg
christmas party.JPG
bar xmas party2.jpg
Holiday Tag
cake pops.jpg
Holly Plant
Holiday Parties
Pine Spruce Branches 4
Essentials Spa Customer Appreciation
Diva Glamping Retreat 
diva glamping.JPG
Vegan Dining Out
tomato tarts.JPG
m & S wedding.jpg
M & S wedding 5.jpg

David & Julie Grace Pirate Wedding, April 4th, 2014

A simple spread that included "peg legs" also know as smoked chicken wings, lots of fruit and veggies along with some cheese, smoked sausage and assorted crackers. And YES, the cater will dress up as a pirate for your wedding!!

Solomon & Michelle Oct 2017
All you need is  Love and Tacos
M & S wedding 3.jpg
M & S wedding 2.jpg
Wedding at Forever Florida
jake owen foundation.png
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