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Who is Lucy?

Van Gogh's Creative Cafe

My love of food got me thinking about having my own place. A place filled with art and great food! In January 2006 Van Gogh's Creative Cafe opened. A sweet little art cafe with simple, delicious food. You know what they say ... timing is everything and I guess the timing wasn’t right for my little cafe.

From there I went to Nature’s Market Health Foods, where I managed the juice bar/deli. I created recipes and started a catering business focusing on healthy foods including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. Developed a Marinated Kale dressing with a cult following. Managed several Farmers Markets and I wrote a cookbook...all about eating healthier.


What I Love !

What I really like to do is create! I am an artist and food is my medium. Nothing makes me happier than feeding people delicious, healthy food, that I created. That is why I love to cook vegetables. The color, texture and nutrients they give food, challenge and excite me. I know I sound like a cooking geek but what can I say.


By 2020 my catering business was booming, I was gearing up for my best year ever. I was negotiating to take over the kitchen at my biggest clients building ... GE. Then on March 13th, I was notified that all upcoming catering jobs would be postponed until October due to the COVID. October came and went, and the GE building remained empty. I decided to take a Holistic Nutritionist Course in my free time. It basically just confirmed everything I had been researching and learning over the past 20 years. 

It was a strange and scary time. My business that was going so well was devastated. I had a few calls to cater funerals and one client wouldn’t accept the food for fear of the virus. By November I had given up my kitchen. My husband was laid off and things felt very unstable. In December we took our 1st trip to Louisville. I had never been to Kentucky. I was pretty taken with it. The trees, the seasons, the architecture, the people!!!!


In 2021, after trying to find a job in Florida for several months we made the decision to change it all and move to Louisville. Two of our 4 kids were here and the youngest was living at home and would come with us. We arrived in Louisville in December 2021.


What a cool place! There are so many things that simply delight me here. I am super excited to meet new people and see where this new adventure takes me.

This story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the most important part of my life family! I have been married to my husband Richard, partner in adventure, for 27 years. We have 4 kids between us (yours, mine and ours) Lukas, Kyle, Taylor and Olivia. To that we have added 2 incredible daughter-in laws, Lindsay and Gabby. Two wonderful grand children, Finn and isla. And I must mention Alex (soon to be son in law) and Shane (things are looking good) I love you all so much.

"La famiglia e tutto".... The family is everything!!

La famiglia e tutto


Magazine, Brevard county's 1st natural health magazine. My love of the natural health industry led me to Wild Oats Natural Market, where I was the marketing manager. Wild Oats concept was to bring food out to the public and let people taste the difference. That took me into the kitchen where I found my true passion.


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