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Who is Lucy?

In the early 90's I started researching food additives, preservatives and colorings. I came to the conclusion that those additives could dramatically affect children.  By he late 90's, I was researching natural health methods for our family and in 1999 I published my 1st issue of Nature's Guide Magazine, Brevard county's 1st natural health magazine. My love of the natural health industry lead me to Wild Oats Natural Market, where I the manager of  marketing. Wild Oats concept was to bring food out to the public and let people taste the difference. That took me into the kitchen where I found my true passion.

Van Gogh's Creative Cafe

My love of food got me thinking about having my own place. A place filled with art and great food! In January 2006 Van Gogh's Creative Cafe opened. An sweet little art cafe with simple, delicious food.


You know what they say ... timing is everything and the timing was not right. Which brings me to where I am today. I manage the juice bar/deli at Nature's Market. I have been catering for the past 12 years. Managed several Farmers Markets and I wrote a cookbook...all about eating healthier.

What and who I Love !

What I really like to do is create! I am an artist and food is my medium. Nothing makes me happier than feeding people delicious, healthy food, that I created. That is why I love to cook vegetables. The color, texture and nutrients they give food, challenge and excite me. I know I sound like a cooking geek but what can I say.

"La famiglia e tutto".... The family is everything!!


La famiglia e tutto


I moved from upstate New York to Brevard county, specifically Cocoa Beach in 1980. I was 20 years old, and although I always thought I would leave, I never did!! The only thing I knew about Cocoa Beach was what I learned from "I dream of Jeanie"!!

I was thrilled to worked at Kennedy Space Center for almost 5 years, Space shuttles and rockets were very exciting. 

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